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Home Sellers - What Services Escrow Provides & What to Expect

Services that Escrow Provides & What to Expect During Closing

We're excited to be working with you on your transaction. At Ticor, we want your Escrow experience to run as smoothly as possible. We'll be keeping in touch with you throughout your transaction. Communication is the key to any successful closing!

Here are some of the services that Escrow provides.
As your Escrow Closing Team, we will follow the terms of your Purchase and Sale Agreement, and use these instructions to complete the transfer of the property from Seller to Buyer. We'll ensure that any items on your title commitment have been cleared, prior to closing. We also maintain a detailed accounting of all the finances involved with the sale, of your property. Most importantly, we prepare the legal documents that transfer ownership, from Seller to Buyer.

Your Opening Packet
We want to make your Escrow experience run smoothly. So to serve you best, you'll be receiving an opening packet of information from Ticor, within the next few days.This will ask for a few items, about you and your home. Please complete and return this to us right away. We need this information, to expedite the processing of your file.

You'll also be receiving a preliminary commitment for title insurance, directly from the title department. The title company is who handles title insurance for your sale.

Now, look for a call from us soon! We'll be calling to introduce ourselves as your Ticor Escrow team. We'll ask how you prefer that we reach you: Via phone or by email. Also, it's important that we know if there are any special services you'll need from Ticor, during the closing process. So, if you have any questions along the way, please be sure to contact us at any time. We're part of your team!

We look forward to working with you! And thank you, for choosing Ticor!!