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Title & Escrow News and Information

Welcome Brady Kriegh

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our Spokane Operation with the addition of Brady Kriegh - Sales Executive.

Brady Kriegh has been in the title and escrow industry for over nine years. Loyal clients compliment Brady for doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Even if that means meeting someone on a snowmobile because the roads are closed with snow, in order to get papers signed. Brady enjoys being the ‘go-to’ guy, which is obviously a big part of his success.

In his downtime, Brady enjoys spending time with his family, usually somewhere outdoors. Skiing and RV’ing are two of his favorite pastimes.

Please help us welcome Brady Kriegh to the Ticor Title Spokane Sales Team.


Phone: 509-385-4384 Fax: 855-885-2346

Making a simple financial transaction is pretty straightforward, right?
You get the goods, he gets the money, and a receipt is your proof of ownership. But how do you make a financial transaction as large and as complicated as a home purchase or refinance?

How Escrow Works

That's where escrow comes in. Your escrow officer is an essential partner who mediates a complicated financial transaction to make sure it's done accurately and fairly.

Here's how it works: When a buyer and seller come to an agreement on the terms of sale, everyone involved gives their part of the transaction to the escrow officer. Then the escrow officer ensures everyone does what they agreed to do before handing over the deed and distributing funds appropriately.

And by the time the property changes hands or the refinance is complete, all the variables are coordinated and everyone has peace of mind it was all done correctly! To learn more about escrow contact your Ticor Title representative.

There are few things in life that are as certain as taxes, especially when it comes to buying, selling, and owning real estate.  In this article, we're going to take a specific look at common questions relating to property taxes, including when they are due, when they may be paid, how they're calculated, and what tax relief programs are available.


The Property Tax Timeline

Property taxes have a timeline that is different than most other taxes or bills that we pay. Let's take a look at the facts:
  • Taxes are due twice a year, but towards the middle each cycle
  • First half taxes are due at the end of April and cover January through June
  • Second half taxes are due at the end of October, and cover July through December
Click  the following link to download a printable version of the Property Tax Annual Cycle Infographic.

Property tax proration

Because taxes are due toward the middle of the period they cover, a real estate seller may receive a refund or pay prorated taxes depending on the closing date.  For example, a sale that closes in March will have both parties paying prorated taxes: the seller pays for January 1st to date of closing, and the buyer pays from the closing date to June 30th. A closing that happens in May, would give the seller a refund for prorated taxes from the closing date to the end of June, since the seller would have paid in April for the entire first half of the year.

You're invited to join us for food, refreshments, live music, and good times as we celebrate the recent relocation of our Gig Harbor escrow office!

At Ticor Title Gig Harbor, we believe that every successful real estate transaction begins with a great team. We are proud of our dedicated family of professionals who are committed to the highest levels of service to our clients, the Gig Harbor community, and each other.

So please join us as we celebrate our growing team and expanded Gig Harbor location!


When: April 13
4PM - 7PM
Where: Ticor Title - Gig Harbor
5775 Soundview Drive #204B
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Map & Directions
Lucy Ritchie

Download the Invite
Ticor Title Open House 2016 Gig Harbor
Click here to download the invite

We are pleased to welcome Jacquie Sullivan to Ticor Title | Major Accounts as a Commercial Sales Executive focusing on the Seattle/Metro Region.

Jacquie recently relocated to Seattle from Phoenix, Arizona. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, she brings more than 10 years of experience in commercial & residential title insurance sales/business development. She also managed a large number of joint venture portfolios for small-and-large practice attorneys and commercial lenders and managed the commercial construction escrow division.

Prior to her work in the title industry, Jacquie had a successful mortgage banking career, first in residential origination, then nationwide sales/operations management, underwriting, and portfolio loan product development.

Jacquie received her bachelor's degree in organizational behavior from DePaul University, in 2007, and will complete her master's degree in organizational psychology later this year.

Please join us in welcoming Jacquie Sullivan to the Ticor Title Seattle Major Accounts Team!


Jacquie Sullivan
AVP / Commercial Sales Executive

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